At Lakefront Eye Care, we recognize the growing concern surrounding myopia, or nearsightedness, especially in younger individuals. Myopia is becoming increasingly prevalent, and our practice is dedicated to offering proactive solutions through our Myopia Control program. Our experienced eye care professionals are committed to providing personalized care to help manage and control the progression of myopia in children and teens. Myopia Control involves various evidence-based approaches, including specialty contact lenses, atropine eye drops, and orthokeratology, tailored to each patient’s specific needs.

The Myopia Control program at Lakefront Eye Care is designed to address the underlying factors contributing to the progression of myopia. Our comprehensive approach includes regular eye exams to monitor changes in prescription and eye health. Our knowledgeable team educates both parents and patients about myopia and the available treatment options, empowering them to make informed decisions about their eye care. By intervening early and effectively managing myopia, we aim to reduce the risk of associated eye conditions and provide a clearer vision for the future.

Lakefront Eye Care understands the impact that myopia can have on a child’s visual development and overall well-being. Our Myopia Control program is not only about correcting vision but also about slowing down the progression of nearsightedness. We work closely with parents and patients to develop a customized treatment plan that aligns with lifestyle and preferences. By focusing on myopia control, we are committed to promoting better eye health, reducing the reliance on stronger prescriptions, and ultimately improving the quality of life for those affected by myopia. Trust Lakefront Eye Care for compassionate and effective Myopia Control services that prioritize the long-term visual health of your child.